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The beauty of Sardinia, its nature and peacefulness, and a breeze laden with the perfume of mastic… pink flamingos moving light on the waters of its ponds…. the blue sky that blends with the emerald green sea…. alternating white beaches and limestone cliffs, creating incredible impressions.
Here is a list of things you must not miss in the province of Oristano:
PUTZU IDU: a white sand beach with a crystal clear sea, characterized by shallow waters, ideal for the little ones;
S'ARENA SCOADA: its name derives from a misinterpretation of “s'anea scoada”. This is a small cove of sand and quartz grains shaped by the waves of the sea;
SA MESA LONGA: a natural pool closed between the islet of Tonnara and Capo Mannu, reminiscent of a coral reef;
CAPO MANNU: the strong winds that blow on this coast creates waves up to 4 meters tall, becoming a paradise for surfers looking for the perfect wave;
MAL DI VENTRE: a small island in the protected marine area of the Sinis Peninsula. Malu Entu is a wealth of uncontaminated beauty and a natural habitat for wild rabbits and turtles with white beaches and a seabed that takes your breath away.
THARROS: an open-air museum where you can rediscover the ruins of the ancient Phoenician-Roman city. There are many archaeological sites that enthusiasts can find along the historical itinerary of the province of Oristano: Nuraghe Losa, the sacred well of Santa Cristina, Trajan Forum, and the Antiquarium Arborense, are just few.

The territory is also rich in prized gourmet products. Here are a few itineraries, with unmistakable flavors:
citruses from Milis;
olive oil from Seneghe;
Vernaccia wine from Oristano;
bottarga (fish roe) from Cabras.